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Day 15 7/16/21

Slept in until 7 am and then ate hotel breakfast and headed over to Dawn and Scott. They had an extra car and let Crys and I run our resupply errands. Then we collected the kids, got lunch at a ramen place (YUM!) and went to a park with a lake for some down time.

Headed back to Dawn’s house and finished the resupply repacking (town chores are exhausting!) Dawn suggested that Crys cook dinner, so we hopped to it, prepping veggies, roasting potatoes, grilling veggies and using fresh tomatoes and veggies for salsa and side. Crys really enjoyed getting a chance to cook a home cooked meal and we all enjoyed eating it! Dawn had baked a rubarb pie for dessert which was amazing!

As we were headed to bed I checked our plan for tomorrow. The bicycle app showed a new fire right at the place we had planned to camp the next night! They had closed the campground and it said they were turning cars around. Some replanning put us on an alternate route on a frontage road from Helena to Boulder MT for 38 miles. Didn’t sound fun, but it would keep us safe. Got to bed around midnight with a 5.30 am alarm set to try to beat the heat.

No pictures today! Took the whole day off!

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