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Day 16 Spider sense tingling

A relatively easy 7 am wake up after a very comfortable temperature night. Breakfast at the camp bakery that caters to mainly German tastes (brochen were plentiful), a stop in town for coffee, and then the ride to the ferry. Krk has one main road which has all the traffic on it. The cycling app put us on some 'paths' that were pretty rugged and not a good fit for our touring tires, but we powered up and over the many hills and eventually the tread turned more favorable with good packed gravel and we made good time. We were thankful for the shade though on the narrow paths.

As is obvious, but becomes more visceral in practice, it's always a big climb from one side of the island to the other, and we did a fast, fun descent to the ferry, arriving 2 hours early. We got the remaining bike tickets (there is a glitch that would only let me purchase one bike ticket online) and aat to drink more coffee while we waited.

The car ferry appeared full to our untrained eye, and it was nice that they let us bikers on first. We waited in the comfortable lounge for the 1.5 hour transit while it was much tok windy to be out on the deck. We had pretty significant whitecaps on the sea as we motored across. On landing, we scooted off with the other bikes and then went for a nice lunch (seafood for us of course, with the kids finding other options) and then down a hiking only path that really wasn't appropriate for our bikes at all, but thankfully only for a short 1.4 km to our planned accomodations.

Apon arrival, we were enthused by the simple camp with many interesting quirks. The gentleman that greeted us, referred to as the boss by one person, explaining no one worked there, but rather it was a commune where everyone pitched in and paid for what they used. We could get behind that. A big kitchen with tons of utensils to cook with, a small pantry with ingredients to purchase, and a beautiful view of the sea. They had pre-set up tents (think MASH style) with old mattresses in them (that's were we started to pause, but it's okay, we can figure this out).

We put our stuff in our tents and went off for a dip. It was a bit of a maze, but we finally found one of the two beaches where we all went for a nice swim. Then Sara stayed at what appeared to be an empty lounge chair while the three of us went off to explorer more. As we walked around, we started to be an odd vibe, with a lot of people silently staring at us, and it started to feel less welcoming. After an hour of exploring we got a text from sara saying she needed us. Apparently a woman was very upset that sara had taken her lounge chair and picked up Sara's things and threw them at her. We huddled and discussed and after a few minutes we all agreed, there was something odd about the place, the state of the tents were going to make it hard to get a good night's rest, and we just didn't feel welcome. So we packed up and moved on to a place down the road. There are a near infinity number of apartments for rent and it was easy to find something, even last minute. (Sadly I ha e no pictures of the camp)

As much as we wanted the experience of staying at that camp, we recognized that our instincts were telling us that it wasn't the place for us, and it's important to listen to that.

So a nice, if bland by comparison, night in a 'zimmer frei' (German is more common here even than English!) and some more sea food for dinner! (The local sea bass is amazing!)

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