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Day 2: Moving forward thirstily

The day started off with a very nice breakfast and a relatively early start to get some miles in before lunch. The morning went by fast with some country riding and some city riding. As we left the city we were happy to cross on to a quiet country road. We were not happy to see the sign that almost certainly said it was closed ahead but we forged on in hopes that they would let bikers by. Sadly not the case as I tried to persuade them to let us use their wood bridge but I think he was saying that there was another bridge ahead that was not passible. So we replanned and we were relatively quickly back on track albeit it on a busier road than originally planned.

After about 2 hours we came to the last town for several hours but it was much too early for lunch. We had a drink at a cafe and then got some sandwich makings for the hinterlands. Then we headed off for some more riding. Within an hour we were ready to stop and found a nice shady spot as everyone needed calories. The downside - it appears to be mosquito season here!

After a half hour we were satiated and ready to move on but very low on water. We push 45 km after lunch along some scenic country roads, then gravel roads, and finally dirt track along a dike. Unfortunately no water was available until we reached out final destination: Biblione, a cute beach town on the Adriatic. The first place we hit was the supermarket to refill on water and maybe a little kinder chocolate. Rehydrated, we went the final 5 km to the campground. Showers, tent setup, then beach bar for some more Aperol!

A long 85km, the longest one planned of the whole trip. It sets us up to bike 55 km and catch a 4.30 train in Cervignano to Travisio where we have a hotel room planned.

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