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Day 20 Smira the land food forgot

A fast morning to the early ferry which we got to about 45 min early and collected our bakery items to eat on the dock while we waited for them to let us board. A short ferry to the mainland and then a coffee and a stop at the market for some large drinks to carry with us. The heat and humidity is high and we need a lot of liquids to keep us moving, preferably cold! Its been 30C and 80% humidity the last few days.

Today's 43 km brought us along a park which includes a huge lake, a lot or rock walls which are ever-present here in Croatia, gravel road, and a lot of heat! Most of the foliage is brush, so shade is hard to come by.

When we arrive in Srima we drop out items at the apartment and go to the very nice town beach to cool off. My favorite part of the Adriatic is that there is very little sand - I love the rock beaches as I'm not a sand fan. That, the clear, beautiful water and the beach bars for Aperoll spritz by the sea!

For dinner we asked several people for recommendations, and they all said to go to vodice, about 6 km away. We picked a close by place and Gave it a shot. We should have listened to the advice!

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