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Maps, guides, transportation, spreadsheets and everything else you need to get there, find your way, have fun and get home in one piece

We put in tons of planning and coordinating for all of our adventures.  Some are "spreadsheet trips" - planned out with where to go and reservations booked for each day. Others, like bike-packing the Great Divide Trail, are more open ended once we're on the trail, it's the getting us and our gear there and home that's the big puzzle. From finding the maps, guides, flights, busses, trains, shuttles and lodging, to how to make sure we don't get (too) lost - there are a million details to consider when embarking on an epic journey with kids. One of our goals is to share this leg work with you, both so you can get a peek at what it takes to get there, and in hopes that some of our planning and figuring out the details can help transform your own dreams of adventure into a reality!

Logistics and Resources
Logistics and Resources: Welcome
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