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A wild life is a joyful life when you're in it together

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Welcome to Rugged Family Adventures, a unique blog here for you to explore. Spending time together as a family in the great outdoors has added such value to our lives, and we love having the opportunity to share our passions and thoughts with our loyal readers. We hope this blog inspires you to get outdoors too! Read on, and enjoy.

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Day 5 Yampa River Trip

I was awake as the sky lightened, no alarm needed. I got up at 5.30 and made coffee and hot cocoa for Cry and sara and finished some...

Day 4 Yampa River Trip

A short 6.5 miles but we filled the day easily. We slow start was planned with a good breakfast. Floating at 11 am and we stopped just...

Day 3 Yampa River Trip

A great day of hiking with a calm day of rafting. We started the morning waking up to the sky slowly brightening while we listened to the...

Day 2 Yampa River Trip

The sun started to brighten the sky around 5 am and slowly woke me. I stayed wrapped in my sleeping bag in our mesh tent looking up at...

Day 1 Yampa River Trip

With temperatures around freezing predicted for the morning and a strong wind blowing we uncharacteristicly left the fly on when we went...

Day 0 Yampa River Trip 2022

“Hey, I know you said you weren’t going to do a river trip this year, but I just caught a 5 day Yampa river cancellation. What do you...

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