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A wild life is a joyful life when you're in it together

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Welcome to Rugged Family Adventures, a unique blog here for you to explore. Spending time together as a family in the great outdoors has added such value to our lives, and we love having the opportunity to share our passions and thoughts with our loyal readers. We hope this blog inspires you to get outdoors too! Read on, and enjoy.

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Desolation Gray Day 7

The last day of the trip is always a strange one, with half the mind trying to enjoy what is left and the other half making the...

Desolation Gray Day 6

Brats for dinner and pancakes for breakfast. We were also a packed quickly and out of camp before 9 am. The early sun has me waking up...

Desolation Gray Day 5

Today was the day of rapids. It seemed like each rapid built to a higher level. First was Joe hutch creek, a class3-4 but was pretty...

Desolation Gray Day 4

Easy morning with a quick start and a quick stop at rock creek ranch. An amazing stream and a less amazing hike with poison ivy. But...

Desolation Gray Day 3

Great day today! The moving company came in and moved all our stuff from Jack Creek to a camp just below steer ridge rapid at mile 55.5....

Desolation Gray Day 2

I was up and at ‘em even before the sun was up. The beautiful sound of the birds got me to open my eyes and the light started to brighten...

Desolation Gray Day 1

After getting our raft rigged with the gear we needed from the night, we ate breakfast of yoghurt, berries, and homemade granola. Sara’s...

Desolation Gray 2021 Day 0

The challenge with river trips is that the preparation is 1/2 the effort. A rainy long weekend helped get us ready though. The trailer...

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