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Day 21 castles and football

Coming towards the end of our journey with a night here in Trogir, Croatia. The idyllic breezy coastlines of the islands have given way to intense sun and humidity here on the mainland. The riding has been tough again and I’m feeling ready for that part of this adventure to come to an end. Trogir is a beautiful old city though, and we were happy to arrive early today with plenty of time to wander through the alleys and admire the centuries old buildings and worn smooth cobblestone walkways. It’s also getting busier with more tourists, another reason to be grateful for our June visit and that we’re on the waning end of the trip. We’ve had a memorable adventure and covered a lot of ground. I’m happy for a relatively slow last week to enjoy Split and then Venice.

We spent the evening waning hours exploring the castle and watching a soccer match from the castle tower where we had a great view of the action!

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