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Day 0: the miracle of flight

While the ability to travel almost as fast as the earth turns and land in a foreign country ⅓ the way around the globe 9.5 hours later is a miracle, the true miracle that occurs feels like it happens when the 4 duffle bags carrying the essential items you need for the next 4 weeks of biking hit the conveyor belt! All connections on time, all the bags made it. The bike rental person picked us up right on time and gave us the speed tour on the way to the bike shop. I got a few extra tubes and a wrench to make sure I can get the back tire off.

We headed to the B&B and I finished putting on the front bike bag, the water bottle holders and phone holders. Then off to the village center of Dolo where we had a great Aperol spritz and pizza for dinner while we watched the water wheel churn.

We are exhausted and ready to get to sleep! Good night!

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