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Desolation Gray Day 1

After getting our raft rigged with the gear we needed from the night, we ate breakfast of yoghurt, berries, and homemade granola. Sara’s friends family, the Millers were also ready and at 9 am we were pushing off.

We didn’t have a specific destination, but there was about 30 miles of slow movingly river in front of us before the gradient picks up and the action would start. We quickly started to enjoy ourselves with some frisbee between rafts with andrew and Crys in the kayaks to chase down our misthrows. We then settled in to a good 2 hours of rowing to get some miles behind us and then tucked in to some lunch of pasta salad and roast beef/turkey sandwiches with avocado.

After lunch we pushed off around 1 or so and again bent our backs to the rhythm of the oars with Sara and andrew kayaking for a while. Before we knew it we had 16 miles behind us and Rock House campground was too inviting to not stop at at 3 pm. Napping in hammocks, a beer and good conversation made the afternoon pass quickly. Dinner of falafel like pitas hit the spot. Then a short hike to petroglyph made us wonder why the people of these lands were leaving such interesting and detailed pictures in this area so distant from their homes. It must have been a very interesting life for them.

Closing the evening with chilled York peppermint cheesecake bites was the perfect end as we watching the bats swoop and dive.

In the tent, tired and looking forward to 6 more days!

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