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Desolation Gray Day 2

I was up and at ‘em even before the sun was up. The beautiful sound of the birds got me to open my eyes and the light started to brighten the sky.

I got out of the tent and started to gather what we needed for buttermilk pancakes, coffee and fruit. Coffee delivered to Crys in the tent and then mixing and cooking. The adults were all up and we ate the first round and I finished the pancakes for the kids.

Then Delker moving company arrived and we all pitched in to packing and hauling and packing until everything was all loaded up and we pushed off before 10 am.

Crys was in the kayak and we started the day off with an easy and then a more fun class 2. After that, more flat water rowing that went fast. Before we knew it we were just 3 miles from our first camp option. We pushed though a snack and made it to the first class 2/3 rapid which was mellow and grabbed the site at the bottom. Great trees and shade.

Easy living this afternoon with the kids floating on their pads in the river while we all enjoyed the afternoon. Dinner of carnitas burritos and mojos.

Lots of raft groups past us today. Could be a tough time finding a site tomorrow but we will just go with what happens. 2 good petroglyph panels tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

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