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Day 12 Now I'm down in it

I can't even begin to describe the meal last night. About 15 courses, all small, all a work of art. 4 hours of dinner, with accompanying wine, everything super interesting and also very delicious. Never too much, amazing taste, great presentation, clearly a lot of effort and thought put in to it. We have always been a bit inclined to make fun of the meals with one asparagus stalk, or a single bite, or described as 'a single crystal of bread' but in this case we couldn't mock it as it really delivered each time! We thought it would be too much food, but as was explained, the calories were adjusted such that you got the same if you order 3, 5, or the 'full experience '. Either way, it left a lasting impression on us. Not something that we feel we need to search out and look for, but rather, like we just watched the most amazing musical or symphony and just want to remember what we experienced.

This morning we had a great breakfast made by the mother of the head chef from the night before. We are really enjoying the Slovenian yogurt! Then a fast and nicely graded climb over 30km to the Skocjan caves where we are staying in a hostel. We got here at noon and were greeted kindly and with coffee. Then a quick shower and off to see the caves. Another superlative visit! The biggest, most interesting caves we've visited: huge caverns, a rushing underground river, massive stalagmites and stalactites. A great 2 hour visit through the underground world!

After we emerged, we went to a restaurant recommended by the hostel host. When we arrived they told us they were done serving for the day (at 6 pm). After much discussion between them and some pretty excited hand gestures, they came back with an offer of ravioli or gnocchi with meat or with mushrooms? Yes please! A great dinner, some wine, and a beautiful walk back to the hostel where we are doing a bit of laundry while we settle down for the night.

My photos few today, sorry! They didn't let us take pictures inside the main cave area and while the ride today was enjoyable, there was not much specific to take a picture of.

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