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Day 18 Roman all over

Castle at the end of the island of Pag.

Yesterday was an amazing ride from the island of Pag to Nin on the mainland. Tina, our host the evening before described Pag as a land of contrast, and described the landscape ahead on the southern end of the island as a moonscape. This indeed was an accurate description. Climbing to the bridge the Land became more stark and desolate as the spattered limestone of the lowlands turned to vast expanses covering the ridge for kilometers in every direction. The contrast against sea below and the Dinaric Alps as the backdrop had a stirring beauty. Roman ruins were another memorable feature of the day. In fact the entire Village of Nin is built into and around ancient ruins giving yet a different experience of contrast between modern and old. Standing before a 2000 year old church was both humbling and deeply moving.

We've greatly enjoyed the variety of landscape, history and culture during this adventure. Boredom has seldom been an issue! We continue to encourage warm and gracious people, outstanding landscapes and delicious food. Grateful to be able to share these experiences with my favorite people less

Church from first century AD in Nin

Roman pillar at sunset in Nin

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