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Day 19 7/20/21

A very busy zero day with plenty of riding around today! Butte is a on ‘the richest hill in the world’ and we went up and down that hill and several more today!

We started off with a downtown tour to learn about the colorful history of what was once the 2nd richest town in the US. Toured the jail, a speak easy and several other older buildings in downtown.

Then lunch and we headed over to the World Museum of Mining for an underground mine tour. The kids (to our surprise) enjoyed both tours. They must really be sick of biking!

Then Crys and I resupplied food while the kids relaxed at the hotel. Shut down the night with dinner and finally a swim and laundry. Phew, I think biking on the trail is easier! It is certainly more relaxing! But it was a lot of fun to play tourist and learn more about the history of the area we are in.

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Jul 21, 2021

Happy birthday Sara!


Scott Shipley
Scott Shipley
Jul 21, 2021

Is it me, or should the speak-easy museum be providing actual full bottles of alcohol and live ammo?

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