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Day 34 8/4/21

Day 34 8/4/21

A nice morning at Colter bay with a 20 mile ride to Jenny lake. We are leaving the Divide Route today for good as we go on to the Jackson spur where we will end our trip in Jackson. It’s hard to say goodbye to the route and all the great people we met on it and the culture we really enjoyed.

The ride it self went smooth and fast ans around noon we were setting up our tents in the stunning Jenny Lake Hiker/biker spots with the Tetons right behind us. We relaxed the rest of the day and planned an evening biker get together with brats and beans again to say goodbye to the other bike packers that where also there for the night and we had been round for a week or more. One older couple from Ohio that were also riding the divide and ending also in Jackson and two friends from Mexico that were doing a US bike tour.

It was an enjoyable evening and we all headed to bed happy and full of our discussions and food!

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