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Day 23 7/24/21

Kids combining lifesavers and gummy bears to create a new candy… the boredom of being on the trail!

This morning was likely the coldest morning yet! I even had to put on a jacket. Our usual pattern is to look for shade to stop in, but this morning we were looking for sun, and we were all anxious to get to the climb to warm up!

2700 ft and 25 miles today, pretty much an ‘average’ day, but remarkable as it was in some amazingly beautiful terrain along the Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway. By 10.30 we were at the top on the climb and we took at break at Crystal Park. As we sat and gnawed on our dried fruit we watched car after car pull in and climb out with shovels, buckets and screens. It turns out Crystal Park is a popular place to dig for crystals. We strolled up the path and did some looking for ourselves. Very quickly we were finding dime size quartz crystals. We spend an hour searching before claiming success and heading back to biking having unfortunately not found a crystal large enough to retire on.

A fast and fun down hill for 8 miles to a small inn and an even smaller grocery/convenience store that we are staying at. We had to resupply for 5 days as the next grocery store that isn’t a gas station is 6 days away. We will have a few restaurants and hotels to supplement from, but very slim picks for camp food. Although we arrived by 12.30, our chores took until 4.30 before we were finally done and ready to lounge around and pet the dogs they have here.

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