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Day 28 7/29/21

The cacophony of birds slowly brought me to consciousness as the sun rose behind the mountains to start burning off the mist settled in the lake and in the savanna we were inhabiting. The view I was greeted with sparked the joy that we look for in these type of adventures, with the low mist on the water and the birds honking and calling to each other. A magical experience for sure!

We packed up, said our goodbyes to David and Pauline and rode off to our next site. With the large day we rode before and a reservation in the next town the following day, we had very few miles to go today. The next campsite down was just 10 miles and we were there in an hour. It had a piped spring with amazing, cold, delicious water pouring out. It is still in the wildlife refuge on another lake and this time with trees and shade! Beautiful!

We are all enjoying the day reading, journaling, and reviving for the next stretch to Yellowstone. 30 miles tomorrow to town, then we shoot north to west Yellowstone, leaving the Divide Trail for a few days to get in Old Faithful and some of the mud pots in in the Transamerican biking trail.

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