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Day 5 7/6/21

Zero day today. We all slept in this morning ( me until 6 am and Sara until 9.30!) then packed and headed down the road for breakfast. We dropped the kids at the laundry mat and got a load going while Crys and I headed to the grocery store for 4 days, 3 nights for the next stretch.

Then we exploded our packs in the town gazebo to repack the food and also select some items to send home. We are so used to the high mountains we packed a fair amount of warm clothes. We decided to send most of that home and if it gets cold we always have our very warm sleeping bags.

Then some bridge jumping, a ride over to flathead lake brewery with an amazing view of the largest lake west of the Mississippi and finally over to the state park with special biker sites. Sweet sites here! I’m heading out to bring back pizza now and the kids had a good swim in the lake.

A very good day even if no napping or biking happened!

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