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Day 5 No soup for you

A beautiful morning stand up paddle boarding around Bled lake first thing in the morning. We ogled the castle on the cliff from the quiet of the lake as we circumnavigated the lake in about an hour. Then back to the campsite to pack up and the rain started.

It was coming down pretty good but we decided to roll out and get lunch at a place about 7 km up the way. With only 35 km planned to lake Bohinj we weren't in a rush. The rain kept coming and we were soaked pretty good as we pulled into the first restaurant; 1 hr wait on this rainy Sunday. The next? Closed. After 25 km we arrived in a larger town, found a nice spot and had some local cuisine of buckwheat ravioli and cheese rolls. All very good and plenty of energy for cold wet bikers.

As we pulled out, the rain stopped and the clouds parted and we cycled along the Bohinj river gapping in awe at the waterfalls coming off the cliffs. We arrived at the campsite around 4 pm. A beautiful site right by the water. We set up, went for a swim, showered and settled down to eat dinner with a bottle of local wine and had a very pleasant evening.

Along the way from Bled to Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

Arriving at lake Bohinj

The view from our tent

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