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Day 9 7/10/21

Wow! What a campsite last night! Loons calling across the lake at sunset and sunrise. Fish rising and jumping. So scenic!

Another 3000 ft climb to the most scenic area we have been in. High alpine area with avalanche chutes and rugged peaks. A long climb on gravel road and then we turned off on to some single track that climbed gently and then a super fast and fun down for 4 miles.

As we came out on the forest service road andrew realized he had a flat. We are running tubeless tires, and I was worried about seating it with the hand pump but I was able to inflate it. However the large leak was immediately obvious - he had hit a rock and bent his rim on one side. I set to work with my tool and straightened it enough to hold air and we were off again, this time with urgency as it was clear I need more time to straighten it in town.

The views continued and we enjoyed the trail except for a strange 2 mile section that had some very steep water bars and several downed trees. Strangely it seemed we came out on the same forest service road we had left, just a little further down.

When we got to town we took care of things in the usual order: 1) food (bbq) 2) lodging (nothing!) 3) resupply.

Regarding lodging: we called around and everything was full. Our initial thought was to go to a forest service campground and ask really nicely if they would let us stay somewhere quietly. How as I was talking with the last lodge we called, the very nice owner said that we could stay on the lawn behind a building she owned! Thank goodness! So we went over there, settled in and off to resupply.

Wow, it was hot! 90f again today. Towns are always hotter then the woods. I worked on andrews bike for a bit and then went to NAPA were the super kind folks got a compressor set up to help me seat the bead. They were such a big help! Andrews tire has holding air well all day. We will see how it is in the morning.

After resupply we went to the lake for a swim and then realized the steak place was what everyone wanted so we went there. I am allergic to steak due to a tick bite in 1999 (search ‘alpha gal’ if you are interested in what it is). But they ONLY had steak. So, I took the risk. Wow, it was an amazing piece to steak though! First one in about 10 years since I finally figured out what was giving me the terrible reaction. It is almost always from fatty beef, so I’m hopeful but with a side of Benadryl.

The people in this town have been so kind and helpful - from putting us up in their back yard, to the NAPA folks, to the next door lady who talked to us and offered to help us with anything we might need. That said, it is still hard without a bathroom or water easily available, and we will work harder in the future to find more traditional lodging. All our food, toiletries, anything with a smell is in a shed nearby and we have bear spray with us just in case. Even in town (especially?) you have to be careful.

10 pm and still light!

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