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Day 9 Weather weenies

Andrew had a colorful for our complaining about the rain which we adjusted to weather weenies. He pointed out that we complain when it's sunny, when its rainy, when it's windy or pretty much constant dissatisfaction with the weather. Kids are good for calling you out!

A fast ride down to Most na soci train station where missed the unscheduled train by about just 5 min, but since it didn't show up on the schedule on line we didn't time it. So we had a 2.5 hr wait for the next train which we spent drinking coffee at the small station cafe, some sandwiches made in the small corner grocery store and talking. Before we knew it the time had passed and we performed the miracle of bike loading on to the train while entertaining the entire station.

A short train ride to Kanal, a hard climb up for about 500 ft, then a fun exciting ride down odd little paths that cut off the switch backs. At the top of the hill we crossed in to the wine region of Slovenia which is much sunnier and warmer!

We arrived at a farm stay just as the rain storm hit and we enjoyed a few samples of the vineyards wines as we relaxed. Dinner was served by the owners, gnocchi with a cherry sauces that was super (grapes, cherries and olives are the main harvests here, with cherries currently in season). An early bed as we are all tired!

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