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First post? Day 12 (or 13)

It was a dark and stormy night...

Just kidding! Today was bueatiful day but it was a bit hot and humid. To start the day off at our hotel/hut/apartment thing the rooster alarm my dad set went off (Very unpleasant I do not recommend). We went outside and pet the cats that belonged to the place we were staying, and they were very friendly and cuddly! When we set off biking it was already hot, but it was pretty out so it was fine. The cycling in path we were on didn't have much shad, but I can't complain because the biking helped cool me down. It was a an amazing biking day and at the end I was tierd. We did about 65km today. The day before I also fell on a curb and busted up my knees and hands and that still hurts but wooooo adventure marks! That's all I have to say!

(Also Crystal Delker aka mom and Thomas delker aka dad please change the front blog picture and ask me my opinion! Thx xoxo 😊)

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