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Day 0

Hugs and kisses were sent with the boy as he headed off with our friends for a week of training at the US National Whitewater Training Center and we headed off for a day in the in-between. The day moved as quickly as the road outside the window and before we knew it we were over the mountains, through Glenwood canyon and off to the desert. A short stop in Fruita for the only Starbucks we have found with Nitro Cold Brew with sweet cream to jazz us up for the remaining 8 hrs of driving.

In Moab we made a quick stop at Gearheads for a water bladder to make sure we had enough carrying capacity for the desert. The store is amazing, packed floor to ceiling with everything from the most advanced climbing gear to axes any ancient woodman would cherish.

11 hours of driving brought us to Flagstaff where we secured a room at Little America hotel, the place Andrew and I stayed before our trip on the Grand Canyon. Food and then bed, ready for a good nights sleep!

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