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Day -1

It’s been a busy, good winter filled with robotics, skiing and kayak training for the boy. As the sun stays in the sky longer our desire to spend time back under the stars has awaken. On our bikes of course!

Spring break, where should we head? Kokopelli again? Nope! Still too cool up high and I don’t think I will every be able to convince anyone to give that ride a try again! So we looked further south and found the Black Canyon trail near Phoenix Az. 60 miles in the desert? A pie shop ½ way through? Sounds like something worth doing!

We will tackle it in 4 days, 3 nights. We aren’t looking to go fast but to enjoy the desert and being outside under the stars as a family. Except…. We will be down one. Andrew is off to a training camp in North Caroline while we are in this trip. It will be different without him, and we will miss him terribly!

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