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Day 11 7/12/21

A really great day. I struggled to not wake everyone up too early this morning but by 6 am I was moving around and we all started to get ready at the inn in Ovando. Then over to the Stray Bullet for their excellent breakfast and finally packing and off by about 8.30ish.

The first 16 miles were in beautiful bucolic Montana along relatively flat countryside. Then we reached the forest and with it, the hills. We took our first break at a stream before the big climb for the day. 3200 ft over 6 miles. The day was heating up but two southbound riders caught us on the climb and chatting with them motivated Sara and we climbed quite quickly and were at the top by lunch.

As we came down the other side of Huckleberry pass, we stopped at a stream and took a dip to cool off, and cool it was! Wow, we couldn’t stay in for more than 5 seconds it was so cold! Ice cream headaches in our feet just standing in it!

Then a short ½ mile to the informal camping by Reservoir Lake, a warm(er) lake that we swam in again when we got here at 2.30. Then some laying around and looking at the next section before we went to cook dinner over away from our site. A new favorite: Frito pie! (Bear creek chili on Low sodium Fritos, shredded cheese and scallion)

After dinner we sat around the lake shore and we learned to play spades as a family. We are excited for it! More challenging than the Ginny rummy we have been playing. Beautiful evening as the sun thinks about maybe setting and the birds Sing and the deer visit.

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Jul 14, 2021

You all are rockin' it! What an inspiration for parents looking to have rugged shared adventures with their kids.

Be sure Sara shares how much fun she is having to motivate Adelyn for such an adventure!

Your mention of cards and gin rummy took us back to the river and all the cards Andrew and Miles played - good times

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