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Day 12 7/13/21

At 5 am the rain started and I quickly scuttled out to closes panniers, collect clothes, and stake out the vestibules. We have only seen a few drops so far on this adventure so we just didn’t prepare for rain the night before.

I prepared all our gear and then crawled back in to the tent, happy that I finished while it was still a putter-patter. Shortly after I got in the rain started in Ernest and I dozed on and off listening to it.

With only 15 downhill miles to Lincoln (hideout of the Unibomber!) we were in no rush and enjoyed sleeping in until hunger got the better of us. By 9 am we couldnt wait any longer for food and we crawled out just as the rain stopped!

By 10.30 we were in the saddle and we all felt motivated and by 11.30 we were in town checking in.

We ran in to our first CDT hikers here in town and had a long chat with a few of them. It was fun hearing about their adventure while sharing ours with them.

A good ‘Nero’ (near zero) day and we planned out the stretch to Butte over the next 10 days or so.

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Oh, how i yearn for the pitter-patter of rain drops falling on the tent.

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