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Day 17 7/18/21

The Wedding party went well into the night and it sounded like they had a good time. The music finally stopped around 11 pm and we were able to get some deep sleep after that. We were naturally slow to wake up and getting moving this morning, and we’re heading out by 8 am.

We climbed all day for our 30 miles, but never very steep. 2700 ft per the app but we all agreed it felt much longer. We rejoined the main roUte fairly early in the day and we saw more northbound (NoBo) than it seemed all together previously. One gentleman was making the divide part of his 45,000 mile trek around the world. We also saw another 12 year girl who was doing Jackson hole north similar to our route south. She was the first girl other than Sara we had seen!

The day went well to lunch, but then as we left lunch the shade disappeared and the heat really built. The last 12 miles dragged on us and we were happy to get to our forest service campsite for the evening, equipped with all the luxuries a bike packers need: picnic table, pit toilets, bear box and a hand pump for water.

A quick wipe off under the pump set us right and now we are relaxing, reading and journaling.

19 years of marriage today! I have been blessed with a partner that loves adventure, outdoors and these family adventures. I looks forward to another 19 years of new adventures with you Crys!

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