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Day 17 Serendipity (Crys)

We’ve been in Croatia for three days now and are slowly adjusting to island life. It’s a stark difference to the lush Slovenian slopes. The ocean is the color of jewels- emeralds and sapphires and the ocean air is soft and mild. This landscape is different than anywhere else I’ve been. It’s hills and mountains all the way to the sea and the amount of steep climbing during the rides has been unexpectedly challenging. The riding on Krk and Rab was especially hard because it was either riding on busy roads or on rocky MTB surface - awful in our touring bikes. I was fully convinced the riding in Croatia would be thumbs down across the board, but today on Pag totally changed my perspective. Still hilly but absolutely beautiful with the Adriatic visible down below on both sides as we rode high along the ridge. The hills are covered in grids and mazes of walls that look ancient - built from the copious limestone that covers the ground and ridges. We had a string of good luck leading up to today’s beautiful ride There was only one ferry, at noon with space for seven bikes we were planning on. It is the only ferry from Rab to Pag and given the number of other cyclists it wasn’t a sure thing there would be space for all four of us and our bikes. We rolled onto the port in Rab around 9:30 in hopes of securing our spots. The moment we started looking for the ferry a water taxi pulled up and asked if we needed a ride over the Lun on Pag? Yes!!! 4 people and 4 bikes, beating the mid day heat and no stressing about getting on the ferry all for the bargain price of 60 euros? Yes please! It felt like a true adventure the four of us and our bikes bouncing along the blue water with the wind in our hair.

The ride I expected would be a hot miserable slog on a busy road was one of the most beautiful of the trip, and a swim in the ocean by 4 pm made for a wonderful day. With a belly full of fresh fish and a body good and tired, I will rest well tonight soothed by the ocean breeze and scent of jasmine 🌊 🪻🚲

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