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Day 21 Rainy day

Very close to the end! Only 1.5 days left of cycling.

With rain in the forecast we were all a bit apprehensive about leaving the beautiful chateau B&B we were at but so is the nature of life - it's all transitory.

The rain held off for an hour but by 10 am we were enjoy the squelch of wet shoes and making jokes about not needing to wash clothes for another three weeks. By noon we were ready for some dryness and a warm lunch. We found a simple bar/cafe where the cook came out to explain what she was making as best she could. It was great homemade food that warmed our bellies and filled us.

Another hour of rain and things started to dry out when we arrived at.our campsite around 3 pm with about 70 km done. We were tired and hungry after setting up camp but mananged to nap before dinner at 7,30 at a really good creperie that we enjoyed (gallette appears to be a savory/ crepe in this area).

All things considered we have been very lucky weather-wise and a day of rain is more welcome than the heat!

I had previously picked a campsite that was 4 km out of town. As we were getting to town that seemed silly and we decided it made more sense to stay close to town. At 11 pm when there was still shouting and crying babies I remembered why I wanted the site out of town. At mightnoght when the local soccor team decided to start chanting I knew we had made a mistake. At 3 am when the person rode through the sites shouting for his lost dog I was just sad.

Hoping for a better night's sleep the next night!

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Jul 23, 2022

Can't wait to see your pictures of the ocean! - Art

Thomas Delker
Thomas Delker
Jul 30, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Art!

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