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Day 23 The end

The ride ended today and with it a lot of emotion.

A quiet night at the campsite was wonderful and dark. A slow wake up and then on to coffee and pastries in the next town.

27 km to the end along nice estuary areas and good path with the bridge over to saint nazaire growing larger in the background. Then right short of the finish a man having bikers fill out surveys for the tourist office and a very odd push through a massive flea market set up all over the point. We got a bit turned around about where the final spot was but we finally got it sorted. Some pictures and getting our feet wet in the sea at the end. A giant snake sculpture essentially marks the end of the Loire in to the sea.

Then a bit more confusion finding the shuttle over the bridge as it is highly suggested to NOT bike over and it's the way to get to the train station. We ended up leading a parade of bikers around until we stumbled upon it's relocated parking spot due to the flea market.

We will be staying a day in saint nazaire and then we have a fairly long train ride to Paris with 3 transfers due to having to take our bikes with us on the local trains. Then 2 days in Paris for some sightseeing before we fly back on Friday.

Some closing tips if anyone considers doing a similar trip:

The mountain part was by far our favorite! We wish we spent more time on that part!

Camping in France is amazing! Stay away from campgrounds in cities though. The best ones were put in the country. 4 stars usually is more aimed for cars than tent campers.

Try to find a better guide - while the cicerone guide lays out a good route it gave us very very little info about what was along the route to do and see. We spent a lot of time each day researching that.

Traveling as a family is a lot of work but also very rewarding. Be patient with each other and be quick to say you are sorry!

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