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Day 22 Redemption

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

After the rain yesterday we got a beautiful day of sun! A groggy morning peddle to the next town were we found the one patisserie that also served coffee (a first on this trip!) that was open. Very busy rush with what seemed like all the bikers in the area swamping it at the same time. Then a visit to the local castle and a few hours of pushing pedals to Nantes. We were going to picnic lunch but there was a bit of a disagreement with the sandwich choices and we ended up at a restaurant for lunch. The typical 2 hours later and we were back on the road at 2 pm with about 2 more hours to go. The weather was great and the trail interesting once we cleared the massive industrial area of Nantes.

An unexpected ferry ride across the Loire. We hadn't noticed the river crossing was a bridge until we got on the ferry!

We are truly close to the end now and the river has taken on a new aspect. It is now dominated by the ocean tides and serves as a cargo conveyance. With that comes big ships and large areas to unload.

We are at what appears to be a quiet campsite with a nice bar and restaurant here in a rural setting.

We are excited to see the sea to tomorrow!

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