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Day 24 7/25/21

A really good stay last night at the Grasshopper Inn. Breakfast and a latish start at 8.30 but with 33 miles mostly lightly down hill, it was no problem. We were at mile 20 by 10 am and decided to stop for an hour and a ½ and explorer a state park ghost town, Bannock. It was super interesting and well preserved. We were even able to catch the guided tour with the ranger who really knew his history and and done a ton of research himself. Lewis and Clark had come to Bannock early in the 1800s when it was an Indian settlement and then later became a mining town that started in the 1850s. It had a period of vigilante activity, the county seat, and then total bust. The state bought it in 1950s but people continued to live there until the 70s. It was funny to see the wallpaper stapled to the log cabin walls and linoleum on the floors on those that were the last to be inhabited.

Then a fast 13 miles to the Stage Coach Inn and restaurant for lunch by 1 pm where we are staying the night. Tomorrow we have two options, one that is 22 miles and 1500 ft or 35 miles ans 3000 ft. The shorter one would make for a long day in to Lima the next day but breaks up the big climb. We’ll decide tomorrow when we get to the first site on what we want to do.

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