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Day 25 7/26/21

The food was excellent from thebar and the beers cold. We had a Nice talk with the local principal of the achool in a neighboring town. We covered everything from grizzlies to COVID in the small towns to robotic and stem at schools. Then we also talked with. A nobo divide rider who was having a good trip. We exchanged beta about the upcoming trail and had just the fun connection that folks sharing a common journey have. And she knew Jeff! From our first night on the trail. She texted him a photo of us. We hear he is doing well. But a tough night on a very old bed and a warm room with no ac.

An early start to try to beat the heat. We were riding out at 7 am and at the first campsite at 10 am. Sara has having a hard time contemplating continuing on but the first site was stark enough that we all decided to push on and deal with the climb in the heat of the day. It also made the next day in to Lima easier especially since they are talking about 17 mph head winds tomorrow afternoon. We made it to the 35 mile site and 3000 ft climb by 1 pm where we relaxed in the shade of the few tamerisk bushes that grow on the small creek here.

one of the best things about an early start is the wildlife. A moose as we rode out and the a whole pronghorn herd further up.

Yesterday we also did some planning. We want to see Yellowstone but the Divide route doesn’t go through it. However if we deride about 40 miles northwest from Robins roost, the next town after Lima, we would hit the transerica bike route at west Yellowstone and can follow that through the park. Then we would rejoin the Divide Route at colter bay where we would head south on the Jackson spur. We are currently thinking that will be a good alternative!

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