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Day 26 7/27/21

Beautiful morning with a great sunrise and

no alarm to get us up since it was a fast day to a small town. We got rolling by 8 am and it was a beautiful ride down Big Sheep Canyon. The trees closed in and the canyon tightened up as the river started. We really enjoyed the 25 mile ride down to the highway. The 8 miles along the frontage road not so much. But it didn’t take long and before noon we were ordering lunch.

The hotel is a haven for CDT hikers and bike packers alike. It was fun swapping stories and talking all things long distance. The shower - not so fun. The bathroom window curtains made out of old towels do add a flair seldom seen in daily hotel decor. If only there was more than a small trickle out of the shower. For $65 it is a bargain though!

An interesting thing: on all these super remote rural roads there are signs that say there is fiber optics buried. We see them on every stretch. Its quiet surprising they have invested in putting in fiber where there is no one at all!

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