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Day 29 7/30/21

Another amazing morning waking up in the wildlife refuge. The clacking of the sandhill cranes woke us up and we were off pedaling by 7.30. As we went down the fog-shrouded road we continued to hear and then see the sandhill cranes in the fields and crossing the road as they foraged and called and answered each other. What an amazing morning.

As we left the refuge we enteeed a heavy ATV area and then crossed a gate and enjoyed some beautiful single and double track devoid of traffic. It had been a while since we had nice wooded trail like that.

At 11.30 we finished our 30 miles and 2000 ft and were eating lunch and then checking in to the hotel. Town chores started including resupply and finalizing travel plan back to home. We now have a clear itinerary with an August 6th arrival in Jackson and a few days to enjoy the town and get the bikes set to ship home. It’s hard to imagine we only have 10 days left!

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