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Day 3 7/4/21

People sure were wooping it up for the 4th last night! Some very loud and excited folks showed up late at night but thankful settled down in about 15 min.

Up at 5 am. I got Sara up at her request and we collected the food from the bear box provided by the campground. Breakfast of grits while we listened to the very diverse bird song and another 7.20 start. 2400 ft down with 1200ft up mixed in, the 24 miles went fast and before we knew it we were in the hustle and bustle of Whitefish.

We headed for a small park in the town by the river and sat down to figure out our lodging situation. we were able to get one of the last rooms in town on the 4th. We also planned out the next two days - 44 miles to Big Fork to another hotel and then a short hop to a campground 10 miles the next day near swan lake to relax and let the kids recharge their strength from a long day before.

While sitting at the park we became quiet the spectacle with people asking where we started and where we were going. It was fun but also exhausting answering questions and chatting. Unfortunately no new bike packers headed our way that we saw today.

Biggest surprise: how late the sun is up (9.40 pm and is light until 10.30!!) there is no way we can stay up that late for fireworks!

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