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Day 31 8/1/21

One month in for our trip and what a day! Another 5.30 am alarm to get an early start before the roads got too busy. Crys even got coffee from the camp staff! Then off we pedaled to see the stretch between Madison Junction and Old Faithful. We started off going on a side road for Firehole canyon which was amazing with waterfalls and a trumpeter swam. Then back on to the main road for a bit.

As we came around a corner the kids got their first glimpse of the thermal springs and there was much oooohing and ahhhhhing. We took a side road, Fountain Flats Drive, to see them. Then a short way on the main road and we were at the amazing fountain paint pots where we once again got off our bikes to walk the boardwalk. Then we headed over to Great Fountain Geyser where we were lucky enough to get there a 1//2 hour before it was predicted to go off so we stopped and waited and watched. Great! And so it went all morning and the early part of the afternoon. Short boughts of biking with amazing walks to see the different basins. We stopped and looked at each and every thing on the way!

After Biscuit basin we saw a trail across the way that allowed bikes. A careful study of the map showed that it led the back way to Old Faithful; no more main road for us! Three miles later we were pedaling in to Old Faithful Inn in the early afternoon and taking showers.

What a day! What a great way to see this part of the park! We whizzed by the lines of cars waiting to park, and even on the main road there has been a decent shoulder and the traffic has a slower speed limit making it not too bad to cycle.

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