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Day 32 8/2/21

Today rain was predicted at 80% starting by 9 am so we were up at 5.30 yet again and moving and packing. We got breakfast from the snack bar (bagel egg sandwiches) and watched the 7 am show of Old Faithful while we ate and drank our warm drinks.

Pedaling around 7.30, we were on the road with the traffic similar to yesterday but with a lot less to see on this stretch. We stopped at some falls, the Divide crossing, and finally West Thumb, the last of the thermal features. These were really beautiful as they were right on the shore of Yellowstone lake.

Sara and I stopped and talk at the divide crossing for a bit with another bike tourer. There are a few of them around, all doing different, interesting things! David was doing a ‘rails to trails’ tour from Philadelphia to Seattle. With only 50% of it connected, he was puttting together the connections on his own. He was super positive and very excited about Sara’s journey and made her feel pretty good!

We arrived at Grant before noon as it was a short 22 miles, 1600 ft today. With the new CDC guidance, the park service had to adjust their policies, and one restaurant is closed, one is take- out only for breakfast and dinner. So we got lunch from the general store and then take out dinner later, which we sat on the deck overlooking the lake and ate it with a great view!

We are again at the hiker/biker site and there are a lot of CDT hikers around us! At least 20+. Very unusual for a trail that usually sees 100ish thruhikers a year.

Tomorrow is another day with rain predicted and highs in the Mid60s but we have a much longer day on the busy road with 40 miles to Colter Bay. We are hoping the rain holds off until the afternoon.

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