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Day 4 Paradise found

A really good night sleep in a family room in Tarvisio followed by a good breakfast. We were on our bikes and pedaling up what we thought was going to be a long climb but the kilometers can quick on the pleasent railway grade and before we knew it we were standing at the Slovenia border! Wild flower meadows for days and days with tall mountains around us on the dedicated bike trail. Such a magic morning which then turned whimsical when we found ourselves in the middle of a mini-bike parade with people in costumes and maybe they were even racing? We didn't understand it but there were hundreds of them in the town and on the path.

With that behind us, we stopped for lunch and then pushed for the final big climb with 15% grade for 1.5 km where we gained about 700ft. It pushed our lungs and our hearts but we made it to the top with no one pushing and a only a couple of short breaks to let the heart rate fall a bit and to catch the breath. Then an exhilarating descent into the beautiful town of Bled. We pulled in to the campsite, a quite area toward the back for us tent campers, got some laundry going and the rented a row boat to explore the small island with a church on it, and of course ice cream!

We are awed by the beauty here as well as the kind people. The Julean alps have been impressive this far!

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