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Day 6 7/7/21

Another early rise to try to beat the heat. I was up at 5 and started coffee and getting thing collected. The rest of the crew started stirring between 5.30 and 6. The normal morning chores and then left over pizza for breakfast!

On the road at 7 am and climbing out of town from the campsite back to the trail. It was about 3 miles to the trail and then a mile or 2 along a busy highway until we turned off back for the woods. A 3000 ft climb then a fast fun decent. We stopped for lunch at an intersection 20 miles in.

We sat there and ate, contemplating our options. Left for a detour to avoid some reported logging truck activity, or right along the main route. The detour was suggested but not required. After 45 min non logging trucks had come by so it seemed safe. We headed off down the main route. Beautiful double track in good shape was the reward for the risk over the next 10 miles. It wasn’t until almost at our destination that we saw the logging area, but all was quiet. The road was torn up and super muddy from the trucks however. Now at a beautiful if buggy site on the Swan river. A great dinner of Bear Creek potatoe soup.

There is another couple doing a bikepacking section staying here to night. We had a good talk with them and we all went and hung our bear bags off the bridge for the night.

All told 37 miles and 3000+ft of climbing. Not sure if the exact plan tomorrow. We are looking at stealth camping but might go the distance to Holland lake.

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