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Day 6 Full rubber jacket

A middle of the night scramble to batten down the hatches as the sky let loose. As I lay in our tent, feeling the pressure of my bladder, I kept hoping for a break in the steady downpour that never came. Finally I had to admit defeat and headed to the bathroom around 8.30 am. Andrew joined me and we also got breakfast and Andrew repeated breakfast when his mother showed up. Sara had the strongest bladder, waiting out the rain until 10:30 before emerging for a warm shower. As we waited out the rain, we saw the best rain gear - a knee length black rubber jacket with black rubber pants. Very effective!

Video from Italy on Andrew showing the Italians how Americans eat pizza.

The rain didn't relent and we decided a second night in the drenching rain didn't seem like a very 'vacation' move so we shifted to a room in town for our zero day planned today. It's very quiet being a Monday and rainy which made it easy to find something.

Looking at the weather for the next few days, we decided that we would shift from camping the following 2 nights as well to a room at the campground. It's hard to ride and go sightseeing when you are also struggling to stay dry and warm.

No pictures today - my phone and the rain just don't mix!

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