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Day 6 Learning the Loire

With our bread not being ready until 8.30 we slept in a bit this morning. The site was peaceful after a fun day of swimming in the river and the pool and pizza for dinner.

A bigger climb greeted us but was finished soon enough. The route was along a busier road today and the head wind kept us working, but a good bike lane and rolling hills brought us the 40 km to Aurec-sur-Loire shortly after noon which was our initial plan for camping. A nice leasurely (typical 2 hr) lunch at the town restaurant gave us fuel and we were looking to add some more distance today so we went to the park to try to replan. An hour later we still hadn't figure out a reasonable option to stay and we decided to just camp here in town.

As we sat at the site before we could check in, we tried again to find a place. There are Gites d'etape, small bunk rooms for travelers on foot or bike throughout this region and we stumbled through with our french trying to organize something but in the end all the options were a bit too far with the strong winds and 300m climb that the afternoon brought.

We are still comfortably on-plan with an average of 50km every day to finish on the 26th. We are hoping to start to gain some ground as the route flattens so we can take a day to explore some towns.

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