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Day 7 7/8/21

Swan river was a nice ‘informal’ camp right on the river. Just a classic primitive campsite. With the cold river, we woke up with a fair amount of condensation.

So far we have been following the guidebook suggested stops. But today it was suggesting a 44 mile day to a lodge. I called and they had no availability for us. So rather than push that distance, we decided to add a day to the suggest 3 days to Sealy lake. We picked out some lakes from the map that we suspected had camping about 20 miles in. Beautiful rolling gravel roads lead us here by 11.30 and we are all relaxing.

We had heard that a small town about 50 miles down the trail had to close the camping due to bear activity. This morning a fisherman showed up early while we were packing and he told us that it was actually a mauling. When we got to camp we had cell, so we checked the news. It was another bicyclist camping in Ovando. Our thoughts are with her family. We are of course taking extra precautions with our normal pretty good bear habits. But it is quiet unsettling to have a fatal attake so close to us.

In addition to that, we watched a fire bucket helicopter dip a bucket last night from swam river just below our site. Hopefully nothing in our path

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