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Day 7 Is this our train?

The 7 stages of grief when biking in the rain:

1)Balls, it's raining super hard out there

2)It'll be okay as long as I have my warm coffee before we head out

3)I dont want to go out ow that I've finished my coffee!

4)I refuse to put on those wet clothes!

5)Fine, they are on, but I'm not going out there.

6)I'm cold, so I better start cycling

7)This isnt so bad….

A nice night of rain, and it was still coming down. 9 wet km to the train station where there were 8 other bikers looking to escape this rainy area. Much confusion about which train to take, and the one we got on left about 10 min early which really confused us but the conductor was clear. 45 min later we were hoisting the bikes back down at the train station on the other side of the mountains. 10 km to Tolmin gorge where we explored an amazing gorge and ate the workers lunch at the restaurant while more rain moved in.

A wet start to the final 16 km but it went fast, the sky cleared and we enjoyed the beauty of the soca river as we biked along. We arrive at the cabin and exploded our panniers all over to let things dry some more while I arranged some rafting and kayaking for the next day

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