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Day 8 Pedal Paddle

Andrew couldn't take not paddling the river here and I don't blame him! I was able to contact Andrez who runs a kayak school here in Kobarid and arranged for a morning paddle for him and me on a class 2 then class 3 section. Then in the afternoon all 4 of us would raft/kayak together. A pretty sweet zero day! Andrew and I have just finished the first half of the kayak and we are waiting for the kayak school to meet us before we head in to the next class 3 section. The weather is spectacular and the river is beautiful and a blast!

The class 3 section was super fun and good but technical. Then back to camp, a quick lunch of crackers and cheese and then back out on the river with all 4 of us and a German couple from Dortmund. We had a blast on the amazinginly beautiful river. With all the rain, the water level was great! Now Andrew is off doing the class 4 section with the owner of the kayak school and then we will meet up for dinner. Great people, great place! We could spend a whole vacation just here! But tomorrow we are back on our bikes to the train station in Most na soci and a short train ride literally through the mountain and then a long bike ride to a farm stay. I couldn't convince anyone to do the climb over the mountain. I'm not sad about that.

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