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Desolation Gray Day 5

Today was the day of rapids. It seemed like each rapid built to a higher level. First was Joe hutch creek, a class3-4 but was pretty straight forward. Then joe hutch canyon Rapid shortly after with some large rocks we needed to move around. Then wire Fence rapid with some really good holes in it that we ran straight through. Just after that was Three Fords, whitch looked like a graveyard of rocks. We squeezed through past a rock on the left and were tight to the rock wall with lateral waves coming off it and large reflex waves that react as you come up to them, crashing on Sara as she sat on the front of the raft holding on the front rope. A lot of fun, and not nearly as significant at this water when we did it two years ago (~5k cfm vs 12k cfm).

Andrew loved the rapids today and Crys got out for most of the 2s. Pulled in to camp at 3.30 pm to lower range creek after 19 miles. A hot camp as unfortunately another group was in the good site up above. But the shade shelter is set up and we are relaxing with a beer before we bring Delker Moving Company in to unload the rafts.

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