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Desolation Gray Day 7

The last day of the trip is always a strange one, with half the mind trying to enjoy what is left and the other half making the transition back to the work-a-day life.

I woke up at 5.30am to start breakfast, as we wanted an early start as well as our Dutch oven breakfast we all enjoy! So I started Mountain man, a combination of vegan chorizo, hash browns, eggs and cheese layer in the Dutch oven. At 7 is was ready and we were mostly packed. We all enjoyed it and then finished the packing in hopes that we would beat the predicted wind for the day.

No such luck - as soon as we pushed off the wind started. Crys started in the kayak and we went through a few class 2. As we came up to about the 3rd or 4 th rapid, we took a look above it and Crys decided to sit it out. Sara decided to hop in and enjoyed running it, and she did beautifully!

Then the wind really kicked up. Sara hopped back in the raft and Crys sat opposite me helping we push on the oars so that we could make some headway. By 11 am we were at the takeout despite the wind due to Crys help with the rowing. The car had been shuttled to the bottom, thankful still with four inflated tires!

By 12.30 we were pulling off the ramp and headed to The Tamarisk restaurant. Great sandwiches to go. A shorter drive straight east on I70 got us home about 7.30 pm. Mostly unpacked that night with only the pleasant task of cleaning the groover (our toilet system - I’ll have to discuss that more some other trip!) left for a future day.

Great trip, happy we were able to join the Millers!

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