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Desolation Gray Day 3

Great day today! The moving company came in and moved all our stuff from Jack Creek to a camp just below steer ridge rapid at mile 55.5. Okay, the moving company is us, but it still happened.

The first part of the day was still more rowing with slow moving water but after an hour we hopped out to take a short hike to mushroom rock. It’s clear that the lonely pinical drew the attention of any traveler through the canyon. Great rock art on a smaller panel. A good 2 hours more of rowing to flat canyon petroglyphs. A huge panel with a lot of very different art. It’s interesting that all three sets od panels we have stopped at had so many differences. The guide book says very little is know. About who and why these these panels were made. The first study of them was in 2006!

After flat canyon the gradient finally started to pick up with a nice set of class 2 rapids. Sara and Crys took turns and enjoyed the river although there was a lot of concern after a spider was found in the kayak. It’s not fun having a skirt on thinking every tickle is a poisonous monster.

Around 3 pm we got to the first camp site but it was occupied with a large group. We contemplated staying on the beach but pushed on and luckily the next site was beautiful and open!

Chili Mac on fire roasted potatoes were excellent! But the fresh made personal key lime pies for desert really made the meal!

Tired and ready for sleep. Weather has been good although some big thunderstorms threaten this evening. Hopefully it will stay away!

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