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Desolation Gray Day 4

Easy morning with a quick start and a quick stop at rock creek ranch. An amazing stream and a less amazing hike with poison ivy. But after about a mile we crossed the creek again and found the non-cow trail on the other sides. 1/2 mile later and we came to an amazing petroglyph panel with a section that really looked like a rendition of the green river with the rock creek coming in to the river. There was a pair of mountain goats chiseled in high on the cliff. Clearly there to be able to be seen from far away to know that the goats were there.

A quick 1 1/2 miles back to the river along the much better trail on the other side of the creek. The hard bushwhacking sapped us though and we decided to grab an early camp at mile 50, Three canyon. A great site with a sand bar we set the kitchen up on right next to the boats.

Good dinner of pesto pasta, fire grilled chicken and Caesar salad. S’mores for dessert.

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