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Great Divide Day 0 7/1/21

The journey is underway! The logistics were complex and have given me a lot of stress over the past few weeks, but it has all worked out!

We got on the plane this morning after a frightfully early wake up to ensure no issues at the airport. We arrived on time, collected the bear spray, figured out an alternate place to get backpacking fuel (outfitter in the airport = brilliant! Not having isobutane even though I called and asked and was assured they didn’t need to put some on the side for me = challenge), our shuttle showed up and off we went!

Arriving at the Homestead cabins, we set to work reassembling the bikes we had shipped here. 3 hours later the bikes were finished and we had the boxes ready to be picked up tomorrow by ups to send to Jackson WY where we will finish, we expect. The owner here was super helpful, lending me tools and giving us a cool garage to work in out of the 100F heat! He even offered to drive us down to dinner and bring us back! Dinner at a colorful local place here with excellent beer and decent food and now I’m ready to let go of the planning and the anxiety and stress of worrying about everthing that might not go right and alternate plans in those case. Now it’s time to look at the freedom of the 6 weeks ahead, the unknow of when and where we will be and embrace it.

Hot day again tomorrow so we are trying for an early start! Should be 3-4 days before we get from here in Eureka to Whitefish.

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